Thursday, March 29, 2012

When it rains...

So last week my long-time Etsy pal, Becca came to visit from Connecticut. This began a series of comedic, and sadorable events that we thought would surely leave when she did. (Our new theory is that she's actually good luck in the situation, and only by having her here had we been avoiding disaster.)

I don't normally go into the personal life so much here, but for the story, it helps to know that my son has encopresis (and hey, if there are other enco parents out there who can relate, why not bond?).

So we found out via x-ray the week before Becca came that my son would need a colon-clean out. How do they do a clean-out with an 8-year-old? Copious amounts of Miralax, and staying very nearby to a bathroom (and a package of large pull-ups). We unfortunately had to start the clean-out the morning after Becca arrived.

Becca, by the way, is one of the sweetest, most content, & easy-going people I have ever met ever.

So she got here Wednesday, and Thursday morning we had a blood-draw scheduled for the kiddo. Everyone was up early. Including Jellybean, the cat, who was busy freaking out & peeing blood in the bathtub(convenient). Cue me being thankful that Becca is patient and good with children while I take Jellybean to the vet & leave her behind with the kid--after the blood draw.

Several hundred dollars later, we come home with drugs, and instructions to give him subcutaneous fluids for 5 days. Needles for everyone!
Jellybean and Captain Pancakes Von Buckethead at 1 month old (3 years ago)

So on Friday, Becca , the boychild & I go to a local park to explore the desert a little bit. For the most part, it was a good day that didn't involve too much medical stress. None that we discovered while we were out, anyway.

Saturday we go to Tucson to film The Bob & Angus Show and leave the boychild home with my husband. We get home to hear, "Mom, dad didn't want to worry you, but while you were gone, the piano bench fell on my toe." Cue me looking at the swollen foot, wondering why they didn't go to the urgent care. (I've been told the pictures aren't terribly fun to look at, so I'll spare you).

The next morning, we took him to the urgent care (I almost wrote vet....), and thankfully it's not fractured. We come home with crutches for the kiddo I'm off to attempt to show Becca the city.

I won't even go into the hair gel performance art. Just know that Becca is patient.

So today I take the kiddo in for an x-ray of his belly (no news back, yet), to show us whether or not he can stop this clean-out business, and the child is on crutches (more than one person questioned if our KUB order was correct when it said to do his belly). It's comedy. To me.

Jellybean seems to be on the mend, and is, once again, tackling us for baths (he pounces on your arm, tackle it, and hold you firmly while your arm hair gets "cleaned"). The kiddo is starting to try to hobble around without crutches, and life is slowly getting back to normal when I see Pancakes (our striped tabby), laying on one of the chairs in my workroom while I'm making a couple hand puppets. He's cleaning one spot on his hind leg very carefully. Turns out there's a nickel-sized HOLE in his skin! Showing muscle, or..something underneath. So we get to go back to the vet. Tomorrow morning. I'm going to trust him for now to keep it clean until we can go to the vet that isn't as expensive as the emergency room.

Which leads me to the following: 1) I have very patient clients and friends who are able to laugh along with us. 2) I'm having a sale in my etsy shop for 15% off. Use the coupon code CATPROBLEMS . All proceeds will go to Pancakes' stitches, and maybe a glass of wine.


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