Sunday, March 30, 2008

You People Deserve To Read Something

Good golly, how many times have you checked back & nothing new had been posted? I keep feeling as though I'm on the edge of something, so I hesitate in posting because, well, something significantly rad might come up tomorrow, whereas right now nothing definite is going on & reading about maybes is boring and difficult to follow.

I've been asked to go to Toronto in May to give an improv workshop to puppeteers. Oh, man, you have no idea how excited I am about this! I geek out over both of these things so hard. I love teaching improv to people who don't really know how/what it is. The fundamentals of improvisational theater are so lovely! Anthony Fama, of Tucson's Streetprov, has often said that the fundamentals of improv would solve a lot of people's problems (to be fair, I'm sure many people have said this, however I associate it with Anthony). I believe it to be true. There are some great foundations for life. I think everyone should be required to take First Aid/CPR, Driving Lessons & at least one improv workshop from the right person. I suggest Joe Bill.

The other half of that geeking out is that I adore seeing other puppeteers doing wonderful things & I'm rarely around puppeteers that I haven't known for 6 years! Oh man, and there's another side of it: Toronto! Yay that!

(Allison, did you hear gunshots around 10:30 on Sunday night? Yeah, me too..just now)

Also, I made a cabbage. I like him.


Kevin Patrick Robbins said...

Joe Bill's going to be in Toronto at the end of May with BASSPROV, doing a show on May 23 at the Bad Dog and teaching a weekend intensive on the 24 and 25. IF you're around, come say hi.


staceyrebecca said...

Ohhh sad! I'll be there the weekend of May 10th!

Are they by chance doing a Scramble as well?

He's not making it to the Phoenix Improv Festival this year, so I'm missing me some power improv. Boo hiss.

Rocket Girl said...

I absolutely love your cabbage puppet.