Friday, May 22, 2009

If you were a newsletter, what would you say?

This shouldn't be a very big deal. I've written newsletters before that have gone out to 400 different households. A simple puppetry guild newsletter is easy, right? I mean, I write for my descriptions on Etsy all the time, it's all puppetry related, it should be a piece of cake to master a simple newsletter.

It should be.

For some reason it's not.

Our previous guild president, Ed Rogers, has been amazing and has written them for I don't even know how long. For June, he handed the newsletter duties off to me. It's about time I stepped up, anyway. And this is something I probably should have had written several weeks ago. I've been trying to second-guess what people might want to read.

When writing descriptions for my puppets, or writing puppet shows--or even writing this--I do it from a standpoint of "fooey on you and your mom, this is for me." But when writing for the newsletter, I feel as though it's selfish to write for myself. Let me rephrase--It's inappropriate to be selfish and write for myself when writing a newsletter for the guild. I think.

On the internet, you have a choice whether or not to keep reading. And you have somewhere else to go....but guild newsletter readers are hostage to my every whim. Which gives me all kinds of wonderful ideas for things to put in the newsletter, but with my sense of humor--it would only be funny to me. Like...nobody wants to see my grocery list there, however, I really want to put it in. Like...really badly. No really, I need to get Ziploc baggies and the guild needs to know.

Maybe I'll have to write a few horrible articles in order to get it out of my system.

If I do, I may post them here.

I think another thing holding me back is my lack of experience. Most of these puppeteers have at *lease* 20 years on me. Most of them have 40+ years on me. I know, I know, everyone can teach someone something. I should teach them about how much I need Ziploc baggies.

So if you were to read a puppetry guild's real newsletter, what do you want to read about?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I give short notice because I'm short

So I've had this lovely plan for weeks: I'll have a sale that I advertise in advance in many places. That works, right?

It does if I remember to actually advertise it in important my blog--which I know at least 33 people pretend they read. One is probably my mom. (Hi Mom. Glad you liked the flowers!). So hopefully someone reads it before...well, 8 hours from now.

So here's the deal....I'm going to have a TP party. That silly Toilet Paper puppet that my friend Cynthia made me make is so darn popular (not poopular, i refuse to say poopu--dag nabbit)

Anyway, it's been added to people's favorites 44 times since I listed him like 2 months ago. So I figured I'd make a bunch and sell those only at a lower price--because obviously they're lower quality. I has googly eyes for crying out loud. But I'm also adding a bunch of other swell puppets, too. Puppets I haven't even photographed yet, they're so amazingly awesome!

If you come to my blogtv show on Tuesday nights at 8pm PST, then you've probably seen the weird-butt puppets I've made for this, but other than that, I'm not giving anything away! Nope. You totally won't know that I'm going to list grilled steak to be companion to my raw steak. And you totally won't even expect a super kitten with a mask and EVERYTHING. (All caps required). And I'm definitely not telling you about the amazing carrot-bunny that I made. Because I did. I made one. It's amazing.

So....anyway. Um... My cat had 3 kittens and they're really cute. This is pirate. That's all.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I really have nothing important to say

Usually when I post to this here bloggity blog, I have some kind of idea I wish to express. Not this time, friend. This time the only idea I have in my brain is "wow, has it really been a whole month since I've posted? What the shibbidiboo have I been doing???"

Oh...right. In-school residency to 4th graders. wow. yeah. Privileged 4th graders at that....150 privileged 4th graders. Save us all.

It made me really appreciate my 1st graders. That's not to say that 4th graders are horrible...their puppets turned out beautifully--and one-on-one, I fully enjoy the conversations I have with 4th graders. Even in small groups....but you get 150 of them and all bets are off. Even in groups of 30. This is why I didn't become a teacher.

there were 5 groups of 30 kids...each did a different type of puppetry (Shadow, Overhead projector, hand, rod, & marionettes). Thankfully I didn't head this thing up. I'd have made them all draw faces on their fingers with a sharpie and called it temporary finger puppetry. "The good news, kids, is that you get to take your finger puppets home with you!--provided you don't wash your hands"

That went on for 3 weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks I was physically and emotionally spent. Teaching is tiring! Teaching 150 4th graders AND our 28 first graders all in the same day? WOW. Yeah, tiring.

I was--and still am--however, thankful for the job and the experience. It was neat to watch it somehow get pulled off. And in the end, the kids did a good job on their puppets and on their performances.

So...I guess that's where I've been...kinda. I also attended the Phoenix Improv Festival & did the National Day of Puppetry (how did I not post that?!) But I suppose I'll talk about that another time? (I probably won't really...) I mean...yes, I'll most certainly talk about that another time!