Friday, June 27, 2008

This is it!

So....this is what I worked on that was all super-secret. Released mere moments ago (I was the 12th view!) and YAY!

For those of you who don't know, it's a Canadian band called the Barenaked Ladies and they're not bare or naked...or ladies. But they do sing some pretty rad music & they released a children's album called Snacktime. I got to go to Chicago in a fancy airplane and ride in a fancy car to a fancy apartment in Boy's Town. Then I got to ride a fancy train and a fancy bus to help finish the puppets up, then I got to sit under a fancy table & play with puppets for 19 fancy hours! FANCY! (Thank you Moxie, for bringing that word back to the forefront of my life)

One of the most wonderful experiences! I loved every minute! I got to work with some amazing puppeteers, as well! WOW. Noah Ginex is the man responsible for most everything you see on screen. From construction and animation to editing. He had a good set of folks around him that helped him work on a fairly tight budget (when it comes to puppets) and an even tighter schedule to make it work.

I could go on for ages. I won't.


Jessica (spidercamp) said...


Are you the butterfly?

Megan said...

I'm so excited for you! Its awesome to see you doing so well... you rock!

*My puppets are cheering for you now*

Julie said...

that is awesome, yay for you!

staceyrebecca said...

I'm the butterfly! And a lot of the owl. I'm the frog. I'm the possum when they're gathered around the stump. And when the flying squirrel is in front of the foliage then I'm the fox in the background. On "knows not where he's from" I'm the otter shaking his head. When the piano is higher than everything else, then I'm the possum (although Bill did a much better job on him than I did)

Also, if you look in the background at the scenery there is a tiny yellow rubber chicken (from the chicken catapult gun at archie mcphee). Next to him is a green army man, but you can hardly see him.

brianna said...

Good gracious that was awesome! Well done Stacey!!! How fun!!!! And from an aspiring childrens librarian's point of view, that was a really fun song and video! I didn't realize they even had a kids album! Neat!

sheila bocchine said...

TOOOOOOO freaking adorable! This looks like it must of been a blast! Plus you were in Chicago, one my favorite cities!

Hey I found this link via twitter!

Jen (sweetestpea) said...

So awesome!!! Yay for you, Stacey!

Marianne said...

That was amazing! I should read this more often.

jenni the artist said...

Stacey, that is so awesome, just awesome! I could go on forever too, but I won't :). Congratulations..the pollywog cracked me up by the way.

staceyrebecca said...

Thanks so much guys!

Sheila, I LOVED Chicago! Wow, what a great place! the train made me think I was at Disneyland. I loved it! Hershey's store!

Brianna, it just came out in may! Oh my gosh it was so much fun! I never did get sick of the song!

Jen! I'm totally going to be in NY in August! We can play!

Jenni!!! I miss you!!

Marianne, I should keep an eye on your blog too! I forgot how much fun your videos are!

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Stacey - this is just too cool for words! I'm so very happy for you :) What a fabulous experience! Love the video and I
I LOVE ♥ the Barenaked Ladies ♥ (even if though they're not really naked ;)! So did you get the see them? Clothed I mean.

Happy day to you!
☼ Rocki

staceyrebecca said...


It would have been awesome to meet them, but I didn't. We just played the song over and over in a studio. The puppet builder (Noah Ginex) got to see them the weekend before I was there. They were at a book store doing a promo & he brought them all of their puppets (some unfinished) They got a pretty rad picture of all of the guys with their respective animals!

Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Oh well, at least you were close to them, sort of ;)

Happy 4th to you!

Soapylove said...

Wow wow!! The video was so great - the puppets all looked fab! What a super fun opportunity. You're rockin' the puppet scene! :)

staceyrebecca said...

Thanks Debbie!

they were built by a friend of mine, Noah Ginex. He did a great job.

Ruth said...

That video made me laugh more than anything has made me laugh in ages, it is wonderful, i even added it to my myspace profile. Thankyou so much for making this, isn't it funny how some things can just make your day, this was mine today.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

You are living my dream, girl! Awesome!

Tony said...

Have been away so only just caught up with goings on in staceyrebeccaland

Wow, good work my dear.

19 hours straight playing with puppets for the camera - welcome to my world *smile*

must order one of your puppets soon before you start charging what they are really worth.

watching your career with interest and admiration