Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Del Close Marathon

If you plan to stalk me, go to New York this weekend. I'll be performing with Apollo 12 at the Del Close Marathon (Improv festival) on Saturday at 4pm at the Hudson Guild Theater. This will be my 2nd trip to New York. It will be amazing.

If you do stalk me, please tackle me after the show. (I want to be tackled to the ground. Do it, I'll give you a nickel.) I would be very sad to find out that someone I know came and they didn't tackle me afterwards.

I'm hoping to get over to the marionette theater to see--marionettes. If I do, I'll have hit the two oldest puppet theaters on both coasts in one summer. Is it a little bit sad that I even know that? Or is it more sad that I feel as though it's an accomplishment. *Pushes up nerd-glasses*

We had our Puppet Slam this last weekend & my cohort finished the script for me. He did a great job, too. So our Friday show had a great crowd as usual, and the Saturday show had a larger, but quieter crowd, as usual. Saturday crowds are weird.

Before the show I was able to fix Little Red Riding Hood's arms up in a really cool way Nick Barone taught at the workshop. It emphasized how different her arms are in proportion, but it makes it so they're not all floppy-floppy at the side. (Note the before shot to the right & after below.) Here, when I've been thinking almost every arm like this has some sort of armature in it, all it took was some soft-sculpture techniques. Yay that!

Goal: This time next year I will have a set of human puppets for shows that I will have spent a goodly amount of time constructing. (Meaning not 4 puppets in 5 days as per the usual)

Hold me to it, blog-world.


Tony said...

Hey, I'm your official stalker, you know that - right?

However, I'm pretty rubbish at it and can't make it to NY, sorry.

Hope it goes well, if you get the chance check out Benny's Burritos - mmmmmm chillis

staceyrebecca said...

Hooray for *official* stalkers! (I'm quite flattered!)

We might plan a trip to the UK sometime in the future--if we do, I'll let you know so you can effectively stalk. :)

I'll *try* Benny's Burritos, but know that I live near the border of Mexico, so I'm a little weary of Mexican food that far north.

Tony said...

Fair enough, you're probably used to good mexican food down there.

Better than most of the stuff we get over here though.

Definitely let me know if your planning a trip over here.

ColonelErnie said...

red's arms look great. are you going to hang them from the top lip, too, or just have em posed?

def. gives more life to them. and I like that nifty little outfit she's got on. is that new?