Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Librarian In Me

I'm working on several things at the theater, one of which is organizing, cataloging and shelving more than 250 books about puppetry that have been collected by or donated to the theater over the years.

Boy golly howdy is that a challenge. Just in trying to decide what book goes in which genre is a mighty mountain to climb. Dewey and the LOC aren't exactly my friends on this matter, either. They can disagree with eachother on a lot of things. Genres, order on the shelves, who's turn it is to do dishes this week. They're really terrible roommates. I should recommend they see a counselor.

So I ran across a book that was signed by the author (Helen Haiman Joseph) in 1938. Another book that was owned by Olga Stevens before it was donated to our theater. Another box of Tom Tichenor puppets (yes, puppets--pristine, amazing puppets, with a record and script to go along with it). All of it is just incredible.

It's really been a fascinating education into the history of puppetry. Someday I'll read at least 13 of those books.

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Rhymes With Magic said...

Not only are you being a librarian, but you are also cultivating your archivist skills. You are right, there is no other feeling like delving into history of something you care about - and nothing more frustrating than trying to organize it!