Saturday, November 15, 2008

On kickeries

If given time with something, I am nearly convinced that I will kick it in the face with my awesome.

The lack of beginning that project is the fear that the previous statement isn't true.

What if I do fail?

What if I am not as awesome as I am in my imagined potential future stuck inside a bowl of sticky, oatmealy stagnancy?

What if I'm just incredibly awesome at organizing reference libraries? (Proven)

This causes procrastination and creation inside only blog musings with really big words like I went to some kind of school or something.

As that one news-guy's mom said: You should vote. It will make you feel real good.


Fuzzy said...

Ah! My face! It has been kicked by your awesome.

Kristi @ Knoggin said...

Why hello miss Thang! As you may know, I am part of Unraku (Andrew's troupe.) I've been a shy fan of yours for a while and pop in occasionally to read the blog and catch up with all your creative wanderings.

I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award.

Here is a link to my post about it:

I love reading your blog with all its humour and creative inspiration. I've been kicked by your Awesome-ness!



staceyrebecca said...

Thanks guys! I'm so glad to have willing faces for my foot to kick!

or stomach..or patuchus as the case may be.

I prefer to believe that I kick faces as true ninjas do.