Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello, Target Audience

I'll admit, I didn't know who you were for a long time. Oh, I had a vague idea. You're someone who likes silly things. You've got a pretty good sense of humor. You like to give cute things to small children. Sometimes you talk to people in silly voices. But I didn't know what other things you liked. I didn't know where you spent your time.

I tried to find you a few places, like street fairs and and you weren't really there. I'd get people who looked and giggled, but they weren't you. I just figured you didn't really leave the house. Maybe you just like getting stuff online because of my fancy writing words. Maybe my target audience just likes reading, and that's cool. You can read. I'll just not go out into the world to try to find you. Problem solved, right?

Then my friend asked me to accompany her to the Phoenix Comicon. I did. I found you! I didn't think I'd find you there, but I did! You do leave the house! But I don't think I found all of you...

So, I guess I still don't feel like I know who you really are. I know you're not always into comic books and Star Trek. You might be into puppetry, reading books. You might hang out at libraries, or at Starbucks. You might be Miss Soccer Mom in a hot bikini. Heck, you might even be Mister Soccer Mom in a hot bikini....But I just don't know.

Now is the time for me to get to know you. Please leave a comment just telling me a bit about yourself. Be anonymous or not, I just need to know the essence of you. Where do you go? How old are you? What kind of job do you have? Are you a homeowner? Do you like your job? What are your favorite kinds of stores to shop in? What do you watch on TV? How often do you wash your hair? What is your favorite movie from the 80s? What kinds of puppets do you think I should make? All of this is to help me stalk you. All of you. No need telling me what time of day you wake up, I'll find that out on my own. From your lawn.


sara girlscantell said...

hi, i'm sara. i'm 27, i like things that are handmade and also things that are cute. funny helps, and lucky for me, you're cute, funny and you make things. i buy fun, cute, handmade things as gifts for friends quite often. i don't have kids, but people i'm friends with are starting to have kids. i'm anticipating an increase in my puppet-purchasing in the coming months because puppets are more fun than kids and a whole lot more affordable.

PinkPoochDesigns said...

My name is Staci, I know it's spelt kinda different. I think my mother had a monetary laps of cutesy when she had me. Because, my mother is not a cutesy kinda person.
I'm 40 years old going on 10 and I DON"T have children. I will leave that up to other people (I can't even handle my cat crying).
I am not a homeowner, my ex-husband got that in the divorce. Which is best thing that ever happened to me, the divorce not the marriage.
I'm a graphic designer and I HATE were I work.
I'm a BIG online shopper as I have a 1-1/2 hour commute to work (1 direction), 135 mile round trip. SO, I really don't have much time to go to a store and shop. That's why I love etsy so much.
My favorite movie, not sure if it's the 80's or not is "It could happen to you".
I love any shade of purple, I think a really fluffy lavender plump puppet would be really funny (at least to me). Maybe with some marabou feathers.
Well, that's my store. I hope this helps :O)

PinkPoochDesigns said...

Sorry, Well that's my story.

I was once told that I didn't have to know how to spell because I'm an artist. I guess I let that go to my head.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm under 30, male, with no kids of my own. I think there is much of me that's still very much "like a big kid," but really and not in some pithy euphemistic way. I think control panels are better with lots of buttons, and that most things are better with lots of colors.

I think that virtually anything is better with a pair of goofy/googly eyes on it, because anthropomorphization for the sake of giggly humor is great. Most of what I do now wouldn't make much of the above obvious, except for the humor I inject in conversation.

Well, that and the fact that I grew up with a heavy dose of Sesame Street and rare airings of The Muppet Show. It sticks with me though, both the absurdism and attraction to physical/slapstick comedy.

I don't think much else about me matters, the media I watch varies wildly, and my hobbies largely ID me as a nerd. But, er, ta da?