Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I give short notice because I'm short

So I've had this lovely plan for weeks: I'll have a sale that I advertise in advance in many places. That works, right?

It does if I remember to actually advertise it in important places...like my blog--which I know at least 33 people pretend they read. One is probably my mom. (Hi Mom. Glad you liked the flowers!). So hopefully someone reads it before...well, 8 hours from now.

So here's the deal....I'm going to have a TP party. That silly Toilet Paper puppet that my friend Cynthia made me make is so darn popular (not poopular, i refuse to say poopu--dag nabbit)

Anyway, it's been added to people's favorites 44 times since I listed him like 2 months ago. So I figured I'd make a bunch and sell those only at a lower price--because obviously they're lower quality. I mean...one has googly eyes for crying out loud. But I'm also adding a bunch of other swell puppets, too. Puppets I haven't even photographed yet, they're so amazingly awesome!

If you come to my blogtv show on Tuesday nights at 8pm PST, then you've probably seen the weird-butt puppets I've made for this, but other than that, I'm not giving anything away! Nope. You totally won't know that I'm going to list grilled steak to be companion to my raw steak. And you totally won't even expect a super kitten with a mask and EVERYTHING. (All caps required). And I'm definitely not telling you about the amazing carrot-bunny that I made. Because I did. I made one. It's amazing.

So....anyway. Um... My cat had 3 kittens and they're really cute. This is pirate. That's all.


Dawno said...

found you via Dave at Rings & Things who posted a link here on Twitter. First, that is the most adorable kitten ever. Second, the TP puppet is really funny. I'm going to try to watch the blogtv show!

staceyrebecca said...

Aww thanks!

I'd hope to see you tonight then!


becca.elpy said...

my brother thinks the TP is cool. he's all..."is that toilet paper as a finger puppet? it even has the little [paper tube in felt] (here he just circled the area on the screen). is there a spot you can tell her that that's cool? do it."

so i'm under orders now. you've been complimented!