Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Om nom nom

I had the neat experience of setting up as a vendor at the first ever Maker Faire here in Phoenix. In 2008 I participated in the San Mateo Maker Faire & had a super fun time doing it. But as Phoenix usually goes, this was more intimate &...sweatier.

Lots of puppets found new homes, which means I'll be adding lots of new puppets to my shop soon! (I came home & made 36 more!) Before I went, I resolved to make a few puppets that were incredibly rad, (instead of focusing on "what can people afford to spend right now & I'll spend my time accordingly") & I think it was a good decision. I made a crocodile that I so totally want to keep. Then I made an owl & a fox, because I've succumbed to being trendy. Somehow or other it led down the path of "they're all predators...they need prey!" & thus the "Food Chain Friends" series was born.

Keep your eye out for them, & let me know if you think 2-puppet sets would be appealing. Downside: they're elaborate puppets, so they cost a little bit more than the average one. A set could be pricey. Upside: They'll be together! Forever!...unless the person who buys them gives one away.

Also, there's a poll on the facebook fanpage if you want respond to it. It's just one question. Let me just say the business side of running a business is totally all businessy & stuff.


becca.elpy said...

omg, stacey!!! the food chain puppets are amazing! though i can't deciper the yellow block and the red thing. help?

staceyrebecca said...

Owl eats mouse. Mouse eats corn. Corn eats butter. Butter eats heart. :)

Mrs. Laborn said...

Cute Blog! Im your newest follower! You can follow back at: tristascreations.blogspot.com

Garima said...

wow so cute...cutest blog ever seen :)

DollHouse said...
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