Monday, June 22, 2009

You Pick

Ok world,

In an attempt to keep myself creating I need you to help me push past the wall. I'm good on hand puppets--I have plenty of things to work on there--but in the hours of the day/night when my mind can't handle sitting at a sewing machine and isn't responisble enough to use a dremel, I need to know what to do.

I have 100% wool felt (with all these schmancy vegetable dyes and the whathaveyou--it's quite nice) & I'm not sure what to make with them. I'm thinking kid-friendly stuff with the 100% wool felt and I'll save the acrylic felt (of which I still have gobs) for things like microwaves and nunchucks.

But I need your ideas. This is yet another Puppet Pie Call To Duty. Please post (anonymously if you really want to) what puppet you think I should make. It doesn't mean I'll make it--it means that I'll really consider making it.

Things to keep in mind:

1. I won't make a penis, boogers or poop. (This is a classy operation)
2. I probably won't make a lightbulb or a peanut anytime soon.
3. I'm not an engineering genius--keeping shapes simple is good.
4. It's possible I've done it before. Look at my flickr or my sold section on Etsy to check.
5. Just because I've done it before, doesn't mean I won't do it again.
6. Put it in the comments so I have a place to find it. Telling me on twitter doesn't suffice.

What will you get if I choose to make your idea? Bragging rights. And if you're the first person to have ever given me the idea, I'll mention you in puppet's description.


Steph said...

Celery Stalker


abitabite said...

11 months is all i'm saying

Krystal Hacker said...

still going to go with a bedazzled bedazzler..or how about spaghetti with bedazzled meatballs!

Amanda said...

You should make a Blues Harmonica! Or a quilt. Or a widow. You know...I don't even know how those three things came to mind.

Amanda said...

Thought of another one...ceiling fan. Maybe that's because I need one...a real one...

staceyrebecca said...

All good ideas--if you take out #5 from "Things to Keep in Mind"

I hope people keep commenting--and giving me ideas that I can actually do. (Round things are incredibly time consuming and unfortunately bedazzlers are under copyright--ceiling fan? I love you Amanda, and no.)

Amanda said...

okay, okay: easier shapes.
I've always wanted highlighter fingers...yellow highlighters especially.

1. Yellow Highlighter
2. Used teabags
3. Phad Thai (huge mess of strips of ketchuppy coloured "noodles"? yes?)
4. Stop sign
5. Jim-bo the Manly Slipper.

One of those has got to be good....

Rlck said...

How about one of those Chinese Dragons from Chinese New Year? The ones that take several people to operate? You could make a finger puppet version that uses your entire hand.

becca.elpy said...

-a fish/shark(like the meatloaf piranha w/o the ketchup)
-SANDWICH! (ok, i know you've done that, but i loved charlie! maybe PB&J?)
-microphone (we can pretend it echoes)
-owl (in a cowl)
-mustache(givin' into the trends)
-building block(lego-esque)
-chicken (lil red hen?)
-pig (ya know, a farm-y set)
-number 1
-snowman (i know round things take forever, but it's june. it won't snow again ((in CT)) until nov at least. *hopes* you've got time before it's seasonally appropriate)
-money (i'm thinking coins, they're round by flat)
-train (just the locomotive)
-or the caboose

*runs out steam*

FSF said...

I'm sorry, is that a tampon in the first image? That is EFFING hysterical. Maybe make a pad to match?

♥ xtine

staceyrebecca said...

hehe yes it is a tampon...a bedazzled one.

For some reason the idea of a pad is gross--but the idea of a tampon? Funny.

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Lolly said...

I think I love you. definitely make more traffic cones and bedazzled tampoons.

staceyrebecca said...

Thanks for the ideas guys (keep them coming!)

I actually promised the purchaser of the bedazzled tampon that she would own the only bedazzled tampon. (I guess I could bedazzle a ninja tampon....?)

I have, however, bedazzled other delicious treats. I'll post those pictures soon.

seedlingsjewelry said...

What about making sciency things like amoebas or viruses...they are hot and in the news and what not but need to be made into less threatening cute things.

DumbAscii said...

"hehe yes it is a tampon...a bedazzled one."

Yet you won't make poop. Shenanigans!

Kent on Clark said...

What about a robot? Or a zombie? Or a zombie robot?

NotSoShabbyChic said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE make a cockaTIEL!!!! Your cockaTOO came out sooo cute; I would LOVE to see how a cockatiel would come out! Here are some pics:

Mesha said...

~Frappuccino cup
~Tea cup
~Chat window

... chat window :'D

greenknitter said...

ok, here they are. hope they help.

- a foam finger (from sporting events)
-the toe from the Big Lebowski (with green toe nail polish).
-a bull (with stumby horns)
-a flute
-a ball of yarn
-a slice of cake
-a potted plant

Anonymous said...

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