Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new beginning?

Nothing like symbolizing the birth of a new era with a creature known for the destruction of all mankind. Woohooo!

Now, I'm still working as a performing puppeteer on a daily basis until the end of January, so no panicking yet. And I had planned on making these little dorky puppets & saving them for the Phoenix Comicon (where a friend of mine & I have a table) but I figured one in the hand is worth..well, you know. So I put him up on Etsy. I'll earn as much & save as much as I can, knowing that winter is on its way.

I'm trying to stay positive about all of this. (It's difficult)
The hours I'll be working make it challenging to get another job. So I've got to make a decision: do I give up what I love entirely so I can keep the car, feed the family, keep the kiddo in the awesome school? Or do I scrape by & force my family to do the same? I could trade in the car, but at this point we've lost so much money on it by keeping it for such a short amount of time. I suppose had I known, I might have leased it instead. Can't go back. Can only go forward with ooey gooey tentacles of doooooom! (And adorable googly eyes)

Right now, the hope is that I can "make it" with Etsy, for now. We'll be thankful for the time that I've had as a performer and hope that, if the theater can afford it down the line, they'll re-hire me (which is what she had said she'd like to do). I'll still be doing the slams and things around town, so I'm not going anywhere...just...ugh. yeah. Nothing quite like hearing all of that right before you're treated to lunch at a restaurant you don't really like just after seeing someone you know at the table in across from you.

Wow, was that a whole lot of emotional-vomit?

*resisting urge to crawl under a blanket*

I'll make another puppet!


becca.elpy said...

um, ok, i really want to live in a place where winter still hasn't arrived in january. it's snowing here, again. heh

i'm sorry about your job at the theater. makes me really sad. my dad lost his job, recently. this whole recession thing can turn around any day, now. it has my permission.

you sure as heck can start something new. necessity is the mother of invention...or something like that. darn cliches.

you rock, stacey! and so do your puppets, large and small. :)

Froggy said...

I can understand how you feel. I lost my job today and while I am not upset, I know it will hit me eventually. We were one income and now thats gone. I just feel like everything is for a reason and so I am looking to do more with Etsy and online until we know for sure what we want to do.
Try to keep your chin up! Your brilliant job or no job!

staceyrebecca said...

Wow ladies, its hard to believe that this is effecting so many people. Hopefully this is the last our generation sees of this for awhile.

Spiderbite said...

Sweet. I'm ready for the end. I live in Providence, so if Cthulhu is bringing the end, I apparently have a front row seat.